State-of-the-art Cheese Processing Plant

Our Cheese division processes and packages a range of quality cheeses for the retail, foodservice, QSR and manufacturing markets. At the heart of the division lies a state-of-the-art cheese processing plant, which allows Real Dairy the control and flexibility to meet market demands.

Our on-site plant produces shredded, diced, shaved and sliced cheese, as well as customised cheese blends. We process the highest quality
and best tasting cheeses including cheddar, reduced-fat cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, superior melt, and high melt cheese,
to name a few. Real Dairy is able to supply pack sizes ranging from portion control up to 10kg.

The facility has the capability of blending several types of different cheeses in order to create products that are specific to customer needs.

In addition to producing great quality product, the cheese processing plant has modern printing equipment installed on each packaging line to allow for the printing of all nutritional and quality assurance information directly onto each packet.

The cheese plant can produce products in various shapes and sizes in line with customer needs in both local and international markets.

All our cheese is graded on-site by a qualified cheese grader to ensure quality, texture and taste to suit individual customer requirements. Our storage facilities allow temperature and atmospheric control with temperature-controlled rooms available for required aging levels. It can take anywhere up to three months for a
mild cheese to mature and 15 to 24 months for vintage varieties.

What ever your needs, we have a variety of cheeses on offer, either under our REAL brand or contract
packed under your own brand. We can also customise cheese blends to create a unique harmony of texture and taste.


W e employ a full time on-site QA Manager to ensure our facility meets all statutory and quality assurance requirments. Our QA system includes the monitoring of weighing, metal detection, gas flushing, air treatment and filtration, and daily hygiene control to guarantee a level of customer satisfaction with our end products. The facility meets all statutory and quality assurance requirements, and is often audited by regulatory bodies as well as our customers.